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Gear Aid Field Repair Kit

  • Lightweight kit contains 1/4 oz tube of Seam Grip, two 3″ Tenacious Tape patches, application brush and Expert Field Repair Guide. Makes quick, in-field repairs to sleeping pads, tents and outdoor gear.When you’re out in the field, your gear is subjected to rough conditions. It’s no wonder you end up with rips, tears and holes. But you won’t worry about any of that when you bring along a Seam Grip Field Repair Kit by Gear Aid. With a Seam Grip Field Repair Kit, you can make permanent, fast repairs to camping gear, sleeping pads, rainwear, backpacks, hiking boots, tents and more. Seam Grip works on fabrics (non-silicone treated), leather and other materials, and once cured, it lasts pretty much forever. Keep a lightweight, compact Seam Grip Field Repair Kit with your outdoor gear, so it’s ready to go when you are. Branches, brambles, rocks and other perils of nature can tear up your gear fast. But with the Seam Grip Field Repair Kit by Gear Aid, you’ll be ready to fix it fast, and keep the adventure going.
    • Repairs sleeping pads, inflatable mattresses and most outdoor gear
    • Makes quick, in-field repairs
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Safe for use on natural and synthetic fabrics
    • Contains _ oz. tube of Seam Grip urethane based seam sealer and repair adhesive, two Tenacious repair patches, application brush and Expert Field Repair Guide


$6.28 (USD)

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