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Fatrope (1 pack) – Worlds most Versatile Firestarter

The Fat Rope Stick™ is made out of pure cotton material. The cotton has a special braiding that breaks into thousands of microfibers when you rub it in your hands. Theses microfibers are designed to catch a spark even when wet.


It’s reliability makes it a great item to have in a survival or emergency kit. Each stick is infused with our proprietary high gasification formula. In conjunction with this formula, the cotton becomeshighly resistant to water and wind. Due to it’s complex nature, the Fat Rope Stick™ has to be produced by hand. It is a non-generic, specialized fire starter.

Size:  6″ x 1″

  Weight:  70g

✓Non Toxic


✓Cut what you need. Keep the rest for later.

    ✓No evaporation. It maintain its performances even partially used.


$7.50 (USD)