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GSI Ultralight Table (Fits in Bug out Roll)

Past the age of five, most of us outgrow the desire to eat dirt. Yet in the outdoors, you’re completely surrounded by the stuff. In order to spare yourself from yet another course of mud pie mixed in with your dessert, GSI Outdoors has built these amazingly compact, folding technical platforms. Flame and heat resistant, their sturdy design supports stoves, works as a prep or eating surface, and even supports up to 20 lbs. while compacting to just 0.6 inches thick.


Incredibly lightweight, folding technical platform compacts to just 0.6 (16 mm) thick and 6.1 (155 mm) wide to slip into any pack.

Sturdy, flame and heat resistant aluminum and stainless steel construction holds 20 lbs. (9.1 kg) while weighing just 26.2 oz. (742 g).

Raised lip helps keep items from sliding off edges.

1.3 sq. ft., 16 x 12 platform (406 x 305 mm) is perfect for cooking, eating and prep.

Legs clip into table base for storage.

Includes convenient storage bag.


MAJOR DIMENSION: 16 x 12 inch

WEIGHT: 26.2 oz.

DIMENSIONS: 16” x 6.1” x 0.6”

MATERIAL: Aluminum

PRODUCT USE: Gourmet Backpacking

Folding Table, Wire Legs, Storage Bag


$41.83 (USD)