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Kaito KA 321 Short Wave, FM, AM World Receiver radio

  • AM/FM Shortwave receiver with Silicon Lab DSP Technology (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Wide range FM coverage from 64-108 MHz
  • Stereo earphone jack for private listening
  • Palm size radio, ideal for travelling, backpacking & etc.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Circuitry.
World band broadcasting signal reception (FM, AM, and SW band).
Dedicated tuning knob for easy and fast frequency tuning.
LED tuning indication.
Built-in the standard 3.5mm stereo earphone jack for private listening.
Built-in the telescopic whip antenna to improve the signal reception on the FM band and SW band.


FM band frequency coverage: 64.0 MHz – 108.0 MHz
MW band frequency coverage: 522 KHz – 1710 KHz.
SW meter bands:
SW1: 5.70MHz – 6.40MHz
SW2: 6.85MHz – 7.50MHz
SW3: 9.30MHz – 10.00MHz
SW4: 11.60MHz – 12.20MHz
SW5: 13.55MHz – 14.15MHz
SW6: 15.10MHz – 15.90MHz
SW7: 17.20MHz – 18.00MHz
SW8: 21.30MHz – 21.95MHz
Noise Limited Sensitivity:
FM band < 10uV
MW band < 1mV/m
SW band < 30uV
Single Signal Selectivity: > 10dB
Built-in speaker: 50mm diameter and 8 Ohm impedance
Power: AA X 2
Dimensions :4 ¾ x 3 x ¾ inches

Package includes: 

Degen DE321 Radio
Lanyard: 1
Manual: 1


$26.62 (USD)