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Slingbow Tube for Hammer XT (36-40)

Hard hitting and durable, our single strand slingbow tubes for the Hammer XT provide for an adjustable draw weight based on your active band length.

Draw weight can be adjusted from 32#@28″ draw length to 44#@28″draw length by simply adjusting the tubing length with ‘ball in tube’ attachment.  These tubes are fitted with our D Loop assembly including the pinch tab or option to use a mechanical release aid.

Tubing dimensions: 3/16 I.D. x 3/32 W. – 3/8 O.D. x 9″ length

Approximate Draw Weight at 28″:

  • 32# at full length
  • 36# at 6″ length
  • 44# at 5″ length




Offer includes one set of Slingbow tubes and 2- 3/8″ steel ball bearings for ‘ball in tube’ attachment


$19.99 (USD)