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  • Bug Out Roll
    Bug Out Roll
    Gear Organizer
    Everything you need at a glance and in an arms reach
    The Bug Out Roll is an Innovative System designed to help you manage your gear in the field
  • Silky
    The Worlds Finest Saws
    The worlds most advanced, fastest cutting, sharpest and longest last saws
  • MUV Modular
    MUV Modular
    Water Filtration System
    Filter Viruses, Bacteria and Chemicals
    Use it on its on as a filtration straw, water bottle, pump, in-line filter, gravity filter with 3 levels of filtration making for dozens of possibilities.
  • Mountain House Food
    Mountain House Food
    30 Year Shelf Life
    #1 Tasting Freeze Dried Food
    Better texture, no mess, lightweight, superb taste!
  • Most Advanced
    Most Advanced
    LIthium-Ion Generator
    Use code 'canadianprepper' for 20% off
    2000 recharge cycles, massive power storage, quick charge technology
  • First Aid
    First Aid
    Bug Out Roll
    Deploy, Identify, Access Supplies when seconds count
    An innovative first aid system that employs compartments with transparent sections allowing for instant access to your first aid equipment.
Bug Out Rolls

Bug Out Rolls

Gear Organizer

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Silky Saws

Silky Saws

The Worlds Finest Saws

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Off-Grid Power

Off-Grid Power

Kodiak Lithium Solar Generators

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