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The Inergy Kodiak Power Generator is hands down the smallest and most portable off-grid power solution available. Here are some key features:

-A huge capacity of 1.1 KW hours (will charge a phone a hundred of times)
-3000 Watt peak output power and 1500 watt continous
-2000 Charge cycles (best in industry)
-Quickcharge 600 Watt input via solar (charge in 2-3 hours)
-Charge by car in 4 hrs or by home outlet in 8 hours.
-Smart safety features that prevent deep discharge of battery
-The lightest portable battery of its power at only 20 lbs
-Full metal housing, built very sturdy
-6 AC power outlets/ 4 USB outlets
-One RV outlet


In this image I show the kodiak with the powerfilm 120 solar panel